The strong Greek presence in the country and the constantly growing number of Greek-owned businesses in Romania proved that we were right to decide to start with our dynamic expansion abroad from this country and from the Balkans in general, which is a neighbouring region growing all the time in economic terms, with remarkable potential and prospects for exploitation.


Historically speaking Greece and Romania have strong ties of friendship and mutual respect, and bilateral relations in all sectors such as finance and trade are constantly expanding.

The banking sector aside -where the presence of Greek banks, is quite impressive- the penetration of Greek-owned companies in Romania in other key sectors of the economy such as telecommunications, construction and property development, farming and livestock, food and drinks, renewable energy sources, retail trade, and services, is significant and on the rise. 

Greece has established itself in 5th or 6th place among Romania’s largest commercial partners and investors and one example illustrative of the remarkable growth in Greek economic and commercial transactions with Romania is that there are now more than 5,500 companies owned by Greeks registered there. 

Our central aim is to offer clients effective assistance and flawless legal coverage of their needs, supporting their every effort to set up and expand their professional operations and business development in Romania. With that in mind we set up a fully equipped office in Bucharest offering legal, financial and advisory services in general. The office is manned by a Greek-speaking team to ensure a better level of service and to provide information to anyone who doesn’t speak Romanian or know the local market.

If you have any questions about legal, corporate, accounting or tax issues, or about exports or property matters, etc. we are here to assist and provide well-substantiated, responsible answers to your questions.



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